Chicken Nell Gwen

  • difficulty:Medium
  • prep time:15 min.
  • cooking time:25 min.
  • perfect wines:Zaca Mesa Viognier
  • A favorite Welsh dish of Nerys Everett, our tasting room associate, which she enjoys with a glass of Zaca Mesa Viognier. 


    • Chicken breast
    • Garlic Butter with mace
    • Orange sliced into segments
    • Bacon


    1. Split the chicken breast like a pocket
    2. Open it and put in garlic butter with mace, orange segments
    3. Close the chicken breast pocket
    4. Wrap in bacon
    5. Cook on the grill until the chicken is cooked through
    6. Crisp the bacon (if not already crispy)
    7. Enjoy with a glass of Viognier