Grilled Cheese

  • difficulty:Super Easy
  • prep time:1 min
  • cooking time:5 mins
  • perfect wines:Roussanne
  • In the need for some simple comfort food, we've got the most classic dish for you! We will take this after-school classic and elivate it to a whole new level.


    • 2 slices of bread
    • 2 slices of cheese
    • 1 tbsp of butter
    • 1 bottle of Roussanne


    1. Heat the pan on medium and let the butter melt. Makesure the bottom is coated

    2. Place both slices of bread on the pan with 2 slices of cheese on both

    3. Once bread becomes toasty and cheese is melted, put the two pieces together.

    4. Enjoy with a glass of Zaca Mesa Roussanne!